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Insurance Industry Media Monitoring

As well as giving you a great opportunity to get your message out there, the Internet also gives you a great opportunity to keep abreast of what's happening.

You can find out what other people are saying about you to make sure that your message is being understood. You can find out what your competitors are doing and what people are saying about them. You can track your major clients to help you provide an even better service to them. And you can keep up-to-speed with general industry developments.

But with billions of web pages out there, it is easy to miss important information. And this is why I launched my insurance industry media monitoring service.

How Does It Work?

You select one or more keyword phrases and our software constantly scours the Internet for those keywords. You might want to be alerted to mentions of "pet insurance" for instance, or a specific company name.

Then you select whether you want weekly or monthly reports, and whether you want basic analysis or a more detailed analysis. The basic analysis provides you with a list of the web pages where the keyword phrases have appeared during the week/month. The more detailed analysis also provides a summary of what each web page says and an overall summary including whether the sentiment was positive or negative, whether there are any trends and so on.

Regardless of whether you opt for the basic analysis or the detailed analysis, each web page is manually checked to make sure it is relevant, so if you are tracking "car cover" you'll only be alerted to web pages that mention insurance cover for cars and won't be alerted to car covers that were designed to protect cars from the weather.

You'll receive an emailed report each week or month. This report will usually be in Microsoft Word format, although it can also be delivered in Microsoft Excel format. (If you require an alternative format please contact me to discuss your needs.)

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no monthly subscription; you are simply charged a monthly fee based on how many times the keyword phrases you are following appeared on a web page during the previous month.

That fee depends on whether you want basic or detailed analysis and how frequently you need the report.

The first month is free and there is no minimum contract length or notice period so you can cancel at any time.

For a free, no-obligation quote, please fill in the form on our Quote Request page. Alternatively, you can email your requirements to:


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